Hey! We are Joshuah and Deborah! Thank you for stopping by to get to know a little more about us!

Thanks for stopping by to know a little more about us!

“Hey, I’m Joshua. Thanks for stopping by!
Let me share a few words with you, about how I got into social media marketing.
I discover that this is my passion right after I graduated my university. I started practicing Social media managment volunturly for a foundation and week after week I was taking courses on Social Media Marketing.
I found out that this is a big need in every business since we live in a world where every person with a phone has acsess to the social media.
I woud be very happy to help your business to achieve the goals you have for it by managing your social media.

I love reading and learning things that improves me”

“Hi, I`m Deborah and social media makes me happy! After running successful business myself for 6 years I decided to move with my passion for business and help other entropronores with their social media marketing.
I have a degree in marketing, which gave me a wonderful foundation.
As I was studying, I felt as if I was learning the grammar of a language I already know!

I was raised in a big, fun family in which I am the only tall one (I`m 6 feet tall and as a kid people always assumed I was at least 20)
I love cooking, singing, decorating, working out, volunteering, reading and learning new things!

Thank you for stopping by to read this! Waiting to get to know you!

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